The 18 Best Landing Page Platforms for Marketers in 2022

Below, we look at 18 of the best landing page platforms.  Some are dedicated landing page platforms that focus exclusively on page creation and optimization. Others are all-in-one software that don’t specialize in any single area of marketing technology but still have landing pages as part of their offering.

1. Instapage (winner)

“The world’s most advanced landing page platform.”

After reviewing every landing page platform on the market, we've chosen Instapage as our winner—hands down.

Instapage was designed for digital advertisers looking to maximize advertising conversions. While typical landing page tools offer basic features, such as standard page creation and A/B testing, Instapage contains a suite of page creation and optimization tools that provide functionality for both SMB and Enterprise company use-cases. Another big advantage for Instapage is their experimentation and analytics features, which provide everything needed to run experiments and get real-time insights with robust analytics dashboards.

We’re not the only ones who feel this way. Instapage was recently named a Leader in the Spring 2022 G2 Grid report for Landing Page Builders. G2 is a tech marketplace where end users can leave reviews about software they use or are familiar with.

Below is a summary of the functionality and services that factored into our decision.


  • Unlimited conversions—Instapage allows unlimited conversions. Other platforms charge more once a conversion threshold is reached
  • Unlimited Domains—Instapage has no limits on the number of domains you use. Unlike other landing page platforms, Instapage allows you to publish pages to as many unique domains as you (or your clients) need
  • Customer Success—Based on your company’s needs and requirements, Instapage offers a variety of different educational resources and training options to ensure you’re making the most of the platform and achieving your business goals
  • Instablocks®—Scale landing page production by creating and saving page blocks that can be reused quickly without any duplication of creative work
  • Global Blocks—Manage global templates effortlessly to ensure all pages are brand compliant.  Build custom, on-brand Instablocks like header, footer or product blocks to use across hundreds or thousands of pages. Then, edit a block once and have your changes reflected on every page the block appears using Global Blocks
  • Built-in team collaborationCollaborate in real-time, centralize communications, eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks, and establish a seamless user experience
  • Experimentation—Combines A/B split testing and heatmap functionality into dedicated product workflows for a better understanding of how visitors engage with your pages, making it easy to run new experiments
  • Server-side A/B testing—Provides you with the ability to optimize your landing pages for conversions with A/B testing capabilities on both your standard landing pages and AMP pages. You can track visitor behavior, test variations with new elements, layouts, and designs and ultimately use that data to increase your conversion rates
  • 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization—Create and optimize unique experiences for each target audience, increasing conversion rates and maximizing ROI
  • AdMap®Contextually visualize your campaigns across ad networks and landing pages to determine where personalized pages are needed, and keep pages updated with automated two-way sync
  • AMP—Allows users to build landing pages with faster page load speeds, directly from the Instapage platform
  • Thor Render Engine®—By adapting the HTML structure, JavaScript and CSS Refactoring, and CSS Responsiveness of your landing pages, the Thor Render Engine ensures your landing pages load lightning fast without any additional effort
  • Workspace Scripts—Users have the ability to apply tracking and analytics tags, update HTML and launch custom notifications such as privacy notices and chat widgets globally to all pages in a workspace


  • To be honest, there were not a lot of cons for Instapage. As a suggestion, to get pricing to the most competitive level in their Building Plan, always select the annual option. This will allow you to get the most bang for your budget with an extensive set of features for a great price

Feel free to do your own research, but we're sure you'll find that Instapage is the best software solution out there for landing page creation and driving results from digital ad campaigns, if you think Instapage is the best software solution to fit your needs, you can sign up for a free trial or request a demo. See how their conversion-focused landing page software can scale your production and provide your audiences with unique experiences.

2. Postclick

"Advertising Conversion Cloud"

The Postclick Advertising Cloud is a relatively new entry in the space and takes landing page creation to the next level. Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud is dedicated to helping marketers achieve higher conversion rates by combining AI and Machine Learning with automation technology and human insight.

Postclick uses a machine-learning powered recommendation engine that draws on over 20 billion data points collected over a decade of landing page conversion analytics. The platform pulls the right blocks from their ever-evolving Conversion Design System and assembles them into the highest performing layout for every page.

It then continuously optimizes the pages by automatically testing them against new versions that are constantly being generated, and then dynamically sending traffic to the highest performing page at any given time.

Postclick is designed to help you build high-performing landing pages in minutes, and then constantly update and modify that page to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.  Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud is the only solution of its kind. 

Below are some of the key features you will receive with Postclick.


  • AI-Powered Personalization—Dynamically pair visitor intent to relevant post-click experiences with advanced AI-powered personalization features 
  • Scalable Landing Page Design—The Advertising Conversion Cloud pulls data from millions of custom landing page experiences and billions of ad-clicks to automatically craft conversion-focused landing pages
  • Continuous Optimization—The Conversion Cloud pairs AI with automation to enable an ever-evolving cycle of exploration to identify higher performing pages faster than traditional testing
  • Relevant Ad-to-Page Journeys—The Advertising Conversion Cloud maps your campaigns to precise micro-audiences and adjusts landing page layout to maximize conversions for each goal and use case


  • The Postclick platform just launched in 2022, so our only con would be the newness of the platform. However, based on the features above and product vision, the Postclick platform is on the path to redefining the space in the future and is something you should really keep your eye on

Check out their website here to learn more about features or here for a demo request form.

3. Unbounce

"The legacy landing page builder."
Unbounce landing page builder software

Unbounce is likely one of the first names that come to mind with landing page builders. Although it offers some advanced features, it may not be the best choice as it takes time to maximize its capabilities fully, has become quite legacy, and now penalizes customers for getting more conversions (see pricing).


  • A/B testing
  • Popup and sticky bar creation
  • Dynamic text replacement for SEM campaigns
  • AMP-ready mobile pages (not with Essential plan)
  • Аutоmаtеd ЅЅL еnсrурtіоn
  • Custom dоmаіns


  • You are penalized for getting conversions
  • Only 100+ templates
  • No 1:1 ad-to-page personalization
  • An easy solution for scalable creation does not exist
  • No automatic sync between Google Ads and landing pages
  • Team collaboration for page designs or heatmap functionality not available
  • No Customer Success Manager with Essential or Premium plans
  • Dedicated Launch Specialist only provided with Enterprise plan
  • Audit logs only with Enterprise
  • No page redirects with Essential plan

4. Leadpages

“Website & landing page software for small businesses.”
Leadpages landing page builder software

Leadpages self-identifies as a website and landing page builder, not focused exclusively on post-click experiences. The company works primarily with small businesses who need a website and some conversions tools.


  • 120+ mobile-responsive templates
  • Built-in on-page payments (only with Pro and Advanced plans)
  • Alert bars and popups
  • 40+ standard integrations
  • Unlimited traffic and leads


  • No AMP functionality
  • Lacking scalable creation capabilities
  • Not all templates are free
  • Limited customization and personalization
  • No ad-to-page mapping
  • Not SOC 2 compliant
  • Pro Sub Accounts only available in the Advanced plan
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call only available in the Advanced plan
  • A/B testing, email triggers, and specific integrations only available with higher-tier plans
  • Lacks Enterprise-grade security

5. Wishpond

“Marketing made simple.”
Wishpond landing page builder software

Wishpond brands themselves as “marketing made simple” with a landing page tool within their software. However, they are an all-in-one solution rather than a dedicated software for landing page creation and optimization.


  • Two options: do it yourself or done for you
  • Unlimited landing pages, social contests, and popups
  • One-click A/B testing
  • 300+ integrations
  • 200+ mobile-responsive templates


  • Not a dedicated landing page builder
  • Lacking scalable creation & AMP functionality
  • No SSL certificates, SOC2 compliance, or Enterprise security
  • Heatmaps not included
  • No Google Ads integration
  • A/B testing and Custom JavaScript-only available on higher plans
  • The software limits the number of leads you can generate monthly
  • Limited customization and personalization
  • First-in-line customer support and free implementation coaching only with Rapid Growth plan

6. Lander

“Use top landing page designs & templates.”
Landerapp landing page builder software

Lander promotes its software as the world’s leading (and easiest) landing page creator. However, its editor is not as customizable as other software on the list.


  • A/B testing with all packages
  • Custom code editing
  • Unlimited mobile-ready pages with auto-fill forms
  • SSL Encryption
  • Email marketing integration


  • Only 100+ templates
  • No AMP or heatmap capabilities
  • Lacking collaboration and SOC 2 certification
  • No Google Ads integration
  • No Enterprise features included
  • Dynamic text replacement only available with Professional plan
  • Many integrations (Zapier, Marketo, Salesforce) unavailable with the Basic plan
  • No tech support with the Basic plan
  • Pixel-perfect design customization not available

7. Landingi

“Landing page builder for non-programmers.”
Landingi landing page software review

Landingi claims users don’t require any programming skills to create and optimize their landing pages. Yet, that is one of the biggest benefits of using dedicated software in the first place, so it’s not a unique quality. The software lacks many essential landing page creation and optimization features.


  • Unlimited landing pages and leads with all plans
  • SSL Certificate
  • AWS Cloud hosting
  • 200+ landing page templates
  • Embeddable pages on your server
  • Tracking pixels and dynamic text replacement
  • Analytics and callback/chat integrations
  • Workflow automation


  • No two-way sync with Google Ads
  • AMP landing page functionality not available
  • Heatmaps are not available
  • Lacking scalable creation capabilities
  • Additional landing page import service fee of $199
  • A/B testing only available with the highest plan
  • CRM/Sales integrations only available with the highest plan
  • Landing page version history unavailable with Core plan
  • Must pay for additional subaccounts

8. GetResponse

“Stunning pages in just a few clicks.”
GetResponse landing page software review

The GetResponse homepage highlights “stay connected and run business from home.” This doesn’t convey anything about landing pages or establish them as a dedicated landing page leader.


  • A/B testing with all plans
  • Unlimited landing pages & visitors with all plans
  • Custom domains
  • 180 templates
  • 150+ integrations including Shopify, PayPal & Stripe
  • Email support for all plans


  • Not a dedicated landing page builder
  • No AMP functionality
  • Lacking personalization and ad-to-page mapping
  • Heatmap features not included
  • No SSL certificates, SOC2 compliance, or Enterprise security
  • Visual team collaboration not available
  • Automation builder only included with higher-tier plans

9. ShortStack

“The most customizable all-in-one contesting software.”
ShortStack landing page software review

ShortStack identifies as an all-in-one contesting software–not a landing page software. Lacking many advanced landing page features, it’s clear they are not a robust option for creation and optimization. They do, however, mention unique landing page creation for contests.


  • Unlimited campaigns & emails (contests, giveaways, etc.)
  • Landing pages and microsites available with all plans
  • Custom CSS with all plans
  • GDPR compliant


  • Not dedicated to landing page creation and optimization
  • No AMP functionality
  • Lacking scalable creation & personalization features
  • No heatmaps
  • The software is not SOC 2 compliant
  • ShortStack logo on your campaign with the Business plan
  • Custom landing page domains only available with Agency and Brand plans
  • Only 60 templates come with Business and Agency plans
  • No Account Manager support with Business and Agency plans

10. Pagewiz

“Landing page generator and landing page templates.”
Pagewiz landing page builder software

Pagewiz claims to be the ultimate landing page platform, yet they don’t offer many features other alternatives do.


  • Unlimited pages and A/B testing with all plans
  • Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Free SSL assigned to all custom domains
  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • 24/7 support


  • 1×1 demo only offered with Pro account
  • Only 100+ templates
  • Design layout is somewhat restrictive compared to others that are more customizable
  • Reports of mobile and desktop integrations being cumbersome
  • No email integration with Basic or Standard plans
  • Only two custom domains with the Basic plan
  • Lacking AMP capabilities and personalization
  • No scalable creation or heatmap tracking

11. Elementor

“#1 free WordPress page builder.”
Elementor landing page software review

The Elementor homepage highlights that users can create stunning landing pages with the software; however, it is merely a WordPress page builder with no advanced creation or optimization features.


  • Free version available
  • 50+ widgets and 300+ templates with all paid plans
  • Popup builder and sticky elements with every paid plan
  • Dynamic content & custom fields capabilities
  • Role manager & 24/7 support


  • Hardly any features with the free plan (only a drag & drop builder and 30 basic widgets)
  • Not a robust landing page solution, just a WordPress plugin
  • Lacking scalable page creation
  • No SSL, SOC2 compliance, or Enterprise security
  • Personalization features are non-existent
  • No AMP pages or heatmap tracking

12. Ucraft

“Free website builder.”
Ucraft website software landing page review

Ucraft markets itself as a website builder–not a landing page builder. Landing page creation is not mentioned on their homepage until the very bottom in the footer menu.


  • Free version available
  • SSL security across all plans
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited number of pages with all paid plans


  • Website builder–not a dedicated landing page builder
  • Only 15 pages with the free plan
  • Lacking AMP functionality
  • No heatmaps or scalable creation available
  • Ad-to-page personalization is missing
  • No built-in A/B testing
  • Ucraft branding on pages made with the free version
  • Integrations only available with paid plans

13. ConvertKit

“Email marketing for online creators.”
ConvertKit landing page software

ConvertKit has landing page creation capabilities but is primarily an email marketing software used by businesses to grow their audiences.


  • Visual automation funnels with the paid plan
  • Creator community
  • GDPR compliant
  • The free version includes more than other free plans include (unlimited landing pages and traffic, 30+ mobile-responsive templates, customizable domain setup, etc.)


  • Not a dedicated landing page builder
  • Price increases after 1,000 subscribers
  • Only 30+ templates even with the paid plan
  • No heatmaps or A/B testing
  • AMP landing page creation is non-existent
  • Scalable page creation not included
  • Pixel-perfect design customization not available

14. HubSpot

“Inbound marketing, sales, and service software.”
HubSpot marketing software landing page review

HubSpot is an all-in-one software solution for marketers as it includes functionality for CRM, forms, marketing automation, sales pipeline, etc. Their website says they are marketing, sales, and service software that helps businesses grow. Their landing page builder is not 100% customizable, so it’s clear they don’t specialize in landing page creation. Even their marketing hub page identifies the software as an all-in-one.


  • Pairs well with best in breed point solutions
  • Directly integrates with Hubspot’s other tools
  • Add live chat and bots to pages
  • Ad management


  • Offers too much to be a powerful landing page platform
  • Must be a paying HubSpot customer to use the landing page builder tool
  • Mobile optimization (with free and starter plans) has limited features
  • No ad-to-page mapping
  • Making mass changes to groups of landing pages is not available
  • A/B testing unavailable with Starter plan
  • Pixel-perfect landing page designs not available
  • Hierarchical teams only available with Enterprise
  • Lacks AMP functionality
  • No easy way to scale landing page production

15. Marketo

“Best-in-class marketing automation software.”
Marketo automation software landing page review

Marketo is named a leader in CRM lead management by Gartner, but there’s no mention of landing page building on the homepage. They identify themselves as a marketing automation solution, but advanced landing page creation capabilities are non-existent.


  • Audience segmentation & targeting​
  • Advanced dynamic content​ and personalization
  • Intelligent cross-channel nurturing​


  • Ad-to-page mapping not included
  • Streamlined automation only with Ultimate and Enterprise plans
  • G2 Crowd reviews say there’s a lack of report customization
  • No AMP functionality
  • Scaling landing page production is challenging
  • No heatmaps
  • Pixel-perfect landing page designs not available

16. Mailchimp

“All-in-one integrated marketing platform for small business.”
Mailchimp marketing software landing page review

Self-identifying as an all-in-one platform automatically classifies Mailchimp as not being a robust landing page creation tool. Since they are not a dedicated landing page builder, the software doesn’t include as much customization as Instapage or other alternatives–but does contain basic landing page creation with all plans.


  • Landing page creation with all plans
  • Shoppable landing pages
  • Custom domains available with all plans
  • Easily tie landing pages to a MailChimp campaign


  • Not a dedicated landing page builder
  • No AMP landing pages or heatmap functionality
  • Scalability and team collaboration do not exist
  • Two-way syncing Google ads to pages is not available
  • Lacking personalization features and pixel-perfect designs
  • Multivariate testing only with the Premium plan
  • Custom coded templates only offered with Standard and Premium plans
  • MailChimp branding on pages made with a free account
  • Only some automation with Free and Essentials plans

17. Pardot

“Powerful B2B marketing automation.”
Pardot automation software landing page review

Pardot focuses primarily on B2B, not B2C. As part of the Salesforce ecosystem, they also present themselves as a marketing automation platform instead of a robust landing page builder.


  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Success specialist team with all plans
  • Fully customizable URLs


  • Pixel-perfect landing page designs not available
  • No AMP functionality
  • Creating personalized pages at scale is very difficult
  • Third-party reviews highlight software is too advanced for small businesses (better for agencies/organizations with dedicated sales teams) because users must know coding
  • Only 50 landing pages with the Growth plan
  • Multivariate testing only available with Plus and Advanced plans, or with a Growth plan for an additional cost
  • No dynamic content with the Growth plan
  • Google Ads integration is not available with the Growth plan

18. Wix

“Free website builder.”
Wix website building software landing page review

Wix is a very well-known website builder, and since landing pages should be standalone pages from your website, this option is not a complete solution. Their software certainly is not designed for robust landing page creation and optimization.


  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans except Combo plan
  • Custom domains with all eight plans
  • Unlimited pages


  • Landing page creation is not the main focus
  • No AMP page creation
  • Lacking heatmap function or A/B testing
  • No personalization for landing pages
  • Scaling page production is not included
  • Making mass updates to pages instantly is not an option
  • Designs are not 100% pixel-perfect customizable

Our 2020 Winner is Instapage

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